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Why Are Designer Handbags So Expensive?

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For anybody who considers themselves addicted to handbags, it can be a daunting and expensive hobby. The cost of designer handbags is notoriously high, and collectors definitely pay their prices. That’s because the most coveted brands – Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès, for example – are works of art and more than just a bag. […]

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Exceptional Birkin Bests Previous Auction Records

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Crocodile leather, diamonds and 18-karat gold. Do these materials not scream luxury? What about a coveted Hermès bag with all three? One lucky buyer made history this May, winning one such Hermès Birkin – with yes, “Himalaya” crocodile leather, more than 200 diamonds and 18-karat gold hardware – after a very intense bidding war. The […]

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