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What is a Tiffany Bracelet?

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Famed American jeweler, Tiffany & Company, produces stunning bracelets in many different styles. The iconic “Return to Tiffany” bracelet, a link bracelet with a heart tag, signifies the strength love, in addition to the timeless legacy of the brand. Other Tiffany collections – Tiffany T, Tiffany HardWear and Tiffany Keys, to name just three – […]

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All About The Cartier Ring

Famous Cartier Ring
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What is a Cartier ring? Famed French jewelry maison Cartier produces rings for both men and women in several iconic styles. The Cartier Love ring, a band with a simple screwhead motif, signifies the strength of love, while the Cartier Trinity collection of rings explore the concept of connection with interlocking bands in gold and […]

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Designed/Unsigned: Suzanne Belperron

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While the majority of artists in any field guarantee proper attribution by signing their work, one magnificent jewelry designer in the 20th century famously declared, “My style is my signature.” Suzanne Belperron, regarded as the first woman master jeweler in modern history, used a magical combination of materials, motifs, and innovative techniques over a long […]

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Modern Master: Mario Buccellati

Mario Buccellati Jewelry
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The name Buccellati immediately conjures an array of images in the mind of any jewelry connoisseur: whimsical objects in silver, elaborate table centerpieces, improbably delicate jewels, and lushly textured expanses of precious metal. The modern history of the Buccellati family’s renowned works in silver, gold, and platinum begins in the first decades of the 20th […]

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What is Melee?

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Not to be confused with the definition of melee that means a tumultuous ruckus or disordered fray, in the world of jewelry, melee are very small diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America classifies any diamond weighing less than 1/5 carat to be melee, meaning that these little treasures can be as small as 1/1000 of […]

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