Do I Really Need to Service my Luxury Watch? If so, How Often?

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For anyone with a large collection of fine watches, it is important to take good care of them to ensure their longevity and value.

The luxury watch market is a multi-billion dollar industry, where brands like Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe rule, and consumers purchase as investments.  Although high-end watches are expertly crafted and built to withstand a lifetime of wear, most experts would agree that the majority of luxury watches need a professional service every three to five years. Waiting any longer might potentially compound the consequence of even insignificant damage (internal or external), causing more problems that could contribute to more money spent on repairs and servicing down the line.

The Loan officers at The Loan Companies, which specializes in buying, selling and lending against luxury watches, recommend having your watch checked every few years by a watchmaker so that you can pass it down in excellent condition to the next generation.

Here’s a bit more information regarding the proper care and servicing of your watch.

Servicing your luxury watch: Overview

Once your watch is on the workshop bench for an overhaul, a watchmaker will carefully open and disassemble the watch to access its movement and other components. The workings will be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated where necessary and examined for signs of wear or damage.  Parts requiring replacement will be sourced and fitted. The case and bracelet of the watch will be carefully polished and refinished to their original specifications. The watchmaker will then carefully reassemble the watch and run through a checklist of tests to ensure that its various complications are working perfectly and the movement is performing to a high standard. For watches with high-level water-resistance, additional pressure testing is performed. You should retain any documents related to the service and store them with your watch’s original paperwork.

Luxury Watches that Need More or Less Frequent Servicing

Just like a luxury automobile, your fine timepiece requires regular attention from an expert service provider. While it’s not recommended to let more than five years pass in between services, there are a few types of watches that should be serviced more regularly, namely vintage and antique timepieces, in addition to watches infrequently worn. Additionally, mechanical and highly complicated watches such as split-seconds chronographs, perpetual calendars and minute-repeaters often need more consistent servicing because of the very fine and intricate components used, which are often very expensive to replace.

Servicing Potentially Damaged and Damaged Luxury Watches

Have you dropped your watch? Gotten it wet, even though it’s not water-proof or water-resistant? Are you having difficulty setting the watch (a misaligned date window or the date switching at the wrong hour are signs)? You should definitely bring your watch in for service. Other reasons you may need to service your watch sooner include a crown that won’t fully screw-down, a watch that runs fast or slow, or if a new sound is coming from your watch that you didn’t previously hear. The case, seals and crystal protect the movement from moisture and dust, so any damage to them should be rectified immediately. Luxury watches can be a wonderful investment, which is why it’s a great idea to keep them running in tip-top shape!

At The Loan Companies, we specialize in a variety of luxury watch brands including Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet, and offer our customers a wide selection of merchandise for sale at prices typically reserved for dealers in the trade. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or lend against a fine timepiece, contact one of our locations today!

Do I really need to service my luxury watch? If so, how often?
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Do I really need to service my luxury watch? If so, how often?
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