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What is a Cartier ring?

Famed French jewelry maison Cartier produces rings for both men and women in several iconic styles. The Cartier Love ring, a band with a simple screwhead motif, signifies the strength of love, while the Cartier Trinity collection of rings explore the concept of connection with interlocking bands in gold and diamonds. Many other Cartier collections – Juste un Clou, Clash, and Panthère, to name just three – offer beautiful design options in precious metals and gems to suit every taste, from basic to brazen.

Is Cartier real gold?

Cartier’s expert goldsmiths craft their jewelry in the finest of materials: platinum and 18kt gold. Whether yellow, white, or rose gold, 18kt gold is 75% pure, the ideal quality for the right combination of rich color, strength, and luxurious weight. Cartier rings are sized precisely in platinum or gold to have the perfect comfortable fit and gorgeous appearance on the hand.

How do you care for a Cartier ring?

Gold, platinum, and diamond jewelry by Cartier is easy to care for at home. Warm soapy water and a soft brush will clean the surface without damaging the metal or diamonds. For items with other gemstones, ask for specific advice from a jeweler. Avoid wearing your Cartier ring when swimming or in the hot tub to preserve the finish. Many Cartier rings are suitable for everyday wear, but you should always treat them with care to keep them looking their best.

What is the history of Cartier?

Originally founded in Paris in 1847, Cartier has grown into a world-renowned brand with boutiques in cities on six continents. Cartier jewelry has been beloved by royalty, nobility, and celebrities throughout its history and around the globe. From Grace Kelly to Kate Middleton, Cartier’s fabulous jewels and timepieces have been objects of admiration and desire for almost two centuries.

Do Cartier rings hold their value?

Cartier’s creations are sought after, whether modern or vintage. The Cartier signature is a guarantee of quality, craftsmanship, and timeless design. Because of this, Cartier rings do fetch higher prices than rings of similar design and quality by lesser-known makers. There is an active and competitive secondary market for Cartier’s signed pieces, especially when they are offered in excellent condition and accompanied by their original box and paperwork.

How do I sell my Cartier ring?

The Loan Companies’ team of jewelry and watch professionals will value your Cartier jewelry and timepieces, should you wish to offer them for sale or as collateral for a loan. Whether you have a Cartier Trinity ring, a Juste un Clou bracelet, or a Ballon Bleu, we are happy to work with you. Cartier’s long history of producing high-quality, sought-after jewelry and watches allow The Loan Companies to offer the highest amounts for these signed pieces. Get in touch with us today!

All You Need to Know About The Cartier Ring
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All You Need to Know About The Cartier Ring
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