Rock and Roll History: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

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Nothing speaks to our pop culture collective consciousness quite like album covers. An old rock and roll song can instantly transport the listener back to another time and place, to nostalgic memories of childhood or angst-filled teenage years. And the visual accompaniment – that simultaneously iconic and familiar album cover – symbolizes the intangible music, […]

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Exceptional Birkin Bests Previous Auction Records

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Crocodile leather, diamonds and 18-karat gold. Do these materials not scream luxury? What about a coveted Hermès bag with all three? One lucky buyer made history this May, winning one such Hermès Birkin – with yes, “Himalaya” crocodile leather, more than 200 diamonds and 18-karat gold hardware – after a very intense bidding war. The […]

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Millennials Desire High-End Goods, but Choose to Purchase Luxury Brands Secondhand

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The Loan Companies, comprised of upscale pawn brokerages located in Beverly Hills, Chicago and New York City, has found that millennials continue to prize iconic luxury brands despite all reports to the contrary. The commonly accepted narrative is reinforced by a 2017 study conducted by international accounting firm, Deloitte, which shows a significant decrease in […]

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